Hello SatJaDham,
        Here is my posting for January.  The "Snow" posting was not it. 
I don't know who the author of that one is.  One of my friends sent it
me when I was still in college.  Okie dokie, here is my posting as I had
"volunteered" somehow. :)

hak hpaang,

SatJaDham Presents...
        by Alisak Sanavongsay

        "Hey, Satjadham, What you doing over there," one drop yelled out
to the other.  "I'm trying to make a hole in this wall," Satjadham
replied back.  "Do you know how thick and high that wall is," the other
drop asked. "I don't know," Satjadham answered.  "You can't make a hole
in that wall even if you dig all your life," said the other drop.  "I
know," replied Satjadham.  "You must be missing some oxygen molecules,"
said the other drop.  Satjadham simply said, "Maybe."
        Satjadham was a drop of water.  There was a legend passed down
from drop to droplet that all the water drops used to be able to roam as
far and wide as they wanted.  But one day, a gigantic wall came out of
nowhere.  The wall seemed to reach all the way up to the heavens, and
there didn't seem to be any way around it.  So all the water drops were
forced to live in darkness and restricted freedom.  
        Through the centuries the water drops found ways to adapt to this
obstruction, but none of them really ever thought of ways to get rid of
the wall.  They just got so used to seeing the wall that none of them
cared anymore.
        Then Satjadham came along.  This was no ordinary drop of water. 
This drop studied all the legends written down and spoken by the
Satjadham knew that by studying the past, there may be ways discovered
tear down this wall.  Satjadham searched and searched, but couldn't find
a way to tear down that wall.  The only thing discovered was that the
drops enjoyed great freedom and light without that wall.
        That was the only thing Satjadham had to go on.  Satjadham had
never seen or felt light, but knew that it was out there and that it
would give all the drops great powers.  With only that belief in mind,
Satjadham set out to tear down the wall.
        For days, Satjadham kept bouncing on and off the wall.  All the
other drops gathered around and laughed at poor Satjadham.  Days turned
into weeks.  Weeks turned into months.  That wall still didn't budge. 
All the other drops kept laughing, but Satjadham kept bouncing.
        After 4 years of persistent bouncing, the wall started to give
in.  Satjadham made a dent in the wall about the size of an average drop
of water.  The other drops saw this and stopped laughing.  For
they had thought that nothing could penetrate that wall.  Satjadham's
persistence gave them some hope.  Now, the other drops were cheering.
        One by one, the other drops joined Satjadham.  With each
additional drop, their bounces gained strength and momentum.  Head to
and shoulder to shoulder, they became higher and wider.  Higher and
wider.  Higher and wider.  Higher and wider.  Then finally, their
collective energy turned the individual drops into a giant tidal wave
the wall came smashing down!
        The wall came down.  The light came through.  The drops finally
had more space to roam around again.  Everything from the legends was
true.  Some of the drops were so energized by the light that they gained
the ability to float in the air. All this was possible because of one
drop of water!
        Bounce on, drops!  Bounce on!