SatJaDham is proud to present an installment of our series of "Poetry:a soft voice from a (gentle) hear":

By Alisak Sanavongsay

Soft was the wind
That day we met.
Beautiful was the sky
As we watched the sunset.
Sweet was your voice
Which I can never forget.

Ten wonderful months
Together, we shared.
Ten wonderful months
You showed you cared.
Ten wonderful months
I got pretty scared.
Ten wonderful months
I finally dared.

Happy were our parents
Tying our strings.
Joyful were our friends
Ready to sing.
Tearful were we
Exchanging our rings.

Two rough years
Where did we go wrong?
Two rough years
Demons sang our song.
Two rough years
Love was not so strong.
Two rough years
Nothing seemed as long.

Moaning was the wind
That day you left.
Gloomy was the sky
As I watched the sunset.
Sour was your voice
Which I can never forget.

Gone are the days; 
Memories still linger.
Gone is the baby;
No more songs I sing her.
Gone is the ring; 
Painfully pulled my finger.
Gone is the love; 
I've removed its stinger.

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