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Message sent by: Alisak Sanavongsay 
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SaBayDii SJD,

	Here is my posting for the SJD BASH. It's a poem called "Dung Beetle." 
It's not meant to be funny or vulgar, so please read with an open mind. :)

hak hpaang,


Dung Beetle

You only shrugged, oh honeybee,
When I asked if you hated me.

Did you think I had a choice?
Since when did I have a voice?

Because of the cow,
I am here right now.

If only I had my way,
In my own land I'd stay.

You pinch your nose
Because my food smells funny.

Take back your rose
And awful-tasting honey.

I don't need you to say
Where my childred should play.

I refuse to bow.
Not later, nor now.

Go back to you flowery hoist,
Where your bed is always moist.

I am a bug, why can't you see?
A bug like you, so let me be!
by Alisak Sanavongsay April 7, 2000
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