Satjadham presents:
 "Laos and Tourism"  by Sack Thammavongsa

 	For many of us, it's been about 15 long years since we 
 have left our place of birth.  While most of us have fared rather
 well in this land of opportunity, it isn't so for the land
 that we have once called our home.  As the world prepares
 itself for the 21st century, Laos has remained undeveloped for
 the most part, and unindustriallized as a whole.  Being in
 the situation as bad as she is, the only way to go is up.
 	One of the many ways to help boost the country's
 economy is in the tourist industry.  Along with every tourists
 come a very much needed source of income for Laos and her
 local shop owners.  However, this monetary gain does come with 
 strings attached.  
 	The single biggest problem in a tourist related area is
 prostition.  This example can be seen in many tourist cities
 around the world such as New York City, Las Vegas, and Bangkok,
 just to name a few.  If Lao parents are to keep their children
 from being sold into the prostition industry, the government
 will have to keep a very tight regulation on the tourist
 industry, create jobs for the unemployed, and do something
 about the infrastructure and the education system of the country.  
 	The children are the future of our country and let's
 help the country grow by educating their minds instead of them
 selling their bodies in the corner somewhere.  Let's keep
 prostition out of Laos for she has many problems to worry about,
 and do not need another demoralizing issue to have to get
 taken care of.
 	Tourists are welcomed to visit Laos.  However, let's just
 hope that they don't plan to go and leave their roots and seeds there