Satjadham presents:

The Intro to Gambling

By Alisak Sanavongsay

How would you feel if you won one million dollars in the state or
national lottery? Great, right? Now, how would you feel when you suddenly
realized that you had spent twice that much trying to get that million?

Of course, most cases aren't that extreme.  But that fact of the matter
is that most people who gamble lose. How else would one account for the
fact that casinoes and other gambling establishments are so profitable?

What is it about gambling that draws so many people? What effects does it
have on our society and our family structures? SatJaDham will explore
these and other questions during our two-month series on gambling. One or
two members per week will be presenting his or her view on this
interesting topic.  The authors' views may be presented in the form of
short stories, poems, free-verse, essays, stick-figures, or whatever they
feel would best convey their messages.

The first posting will be next Wednesday. Please watch for it.

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